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If you want to sell quickly, either to start a new project or because you are tired of the traditional system of visits, we have the solution. Fill in the following form or contact us directly. We value your property and receive an offer in less than 48 hours. Once satisfied with the offer, you receive 10% of the sale price in less than 72 hours and the rest approximately in less than 3 weeks.

Easy and fast, sell your house with just one call and one visit. Maximum speed and comfort


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What if you do not agree with the assessment we give you? Well, if you do not agree and do not mind waiting any longer to sell your property, we will help you find a buyer, we will advise you and inform you of the procedures to follow and the necessary documentation to sell a property in accordance with current law. We will make a photographic report to accompany the offer, which we will later publish on our website, shop window and the more than 15 national and foreign real estate portals in which we advertise; and we will put up a for sale sign. In this way we will be able to reach as many people as possible. We will show your property to interested clients until we find the buying client. Our team of lawyers will draw up the deposit contract and we will carry out the pertinent steps with a notary and Property Registry.

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